Welcome To My New Website Home!

2017 is right around the corner so before 2016 escapes me I figured it was time to step on up out of my comfort zone and begin learning a thing or two about WordPress, logos, and websites!

I have had a blog called JustWalkInFaith for over five years but have not had the courage to not renew the domain. I know it is still supposed to be in the universe but the question of “TO WHAT CAPACITY” kept coming up in my heart.

The last several months I have been prayerful, alert and open to whatever the answer is supposed to be. About four months ago while trying to figure out a “brand name” that could help encompass the several hats I wear and I mean several the name popped into my mind! “Strategic Relations” and because I am trying to stay somewhat relevant in the business world I of course had no other option than to add a .CO !

So TODAY I began the journey of all things unfamiliar. I have had to youtube, google, painters and read how to buy a domain, merge a domain and customize a website!

Be patient with me while I learn, because this is going to be true proof that if you want to be successful you will find a way.

StrategicRelations.Co will be a place that you can land if you are a professional in the workplace seeking to be inspired, motivated, and from time to time get some great nuggets you can apply into your business for ultimate success.

While I cannot promise to be a GURU, I am pretty “scrappy and street smart” according to my husband Patrick. I have several upon several years of experience in sales and customer service. I have had to network my way through my professional career and while at the beginning I did not know my butt from my face I now have successfully been able to move on up in the ranks of the world! I have had the true honor of mentoring other professionals of all ages along the way and now want to share this gift with many more folks on a much bigger scale!

So make sure to follow me and if there is something you need help on work related, let me know and I will make sure to help how I can.

Our gifts were meant to be shared! It’s how we can show love on this earth in physical form.




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