What do you sell? Learning the gift you have.

I challenged some of my viewers this week on my Facebook page to describe what they sold in 40 letters or less.

Letters NOT words.

That isn’t an easy task unless you are confident in who you are and what you do.

Do you get so caught up in trying to “sell what you sell” that you forget who-you-are? It is crucial to become very familiar with your own skin and stripes because it really doesn’t matter what you are selling in the world. People buy sincerity and people do business with people.

So how to find the gift you have? Well it requires some paper and a writing utensil. Here are some questions to get your mind jogging and to help place your toes on the line of the new journey you are about to take:

-When you think about the last time that you smiled from ear to ear, what caused you to feel so happy?

-What was the last gift you gave to someone and how did they react? What did they say about the gift you gave them?

-What does your name mean?

-What is the meaning behind your favorite color?

-What legacy do you want to leave behind when you are no longer here?


These are all GREAT questions to help you see who you really are! This helps you see what sets your soul on fire, and that y’all is what you “sell”.

So don’t be afraid to be unique at the networking table next time people ask what you “do”. Instead fill that space of conversation with something like:

“My name is Samantha and I have a true passion to building lasting relationships everywhere I go and helping others however I can!”

Your physical business will make the numbers if you first focus on sharing your sincere self. But you must first sell your sincere self in the mirror.


So your homework today: Answer the questions above, come up with your networking table statement, and post in the comments so I can cheer you on!




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