Finding the key to your success! Meet Gordon J. Parkman

When I look back at my biggest success in business, it has all to do not with what I am “selling” rather the strategic partnerships I am surrounded by. I make it a point to invest in my network, because then through natural gravity of life it will pay itself forward in ways that would leave your mind rattled!

My network has helped this dreamer be successful and learn nuggets that I will carry with me forever. I encourage you to begin building your table of go-to contacts to help you in your success. 

This week I am showcasing someone I have personally known for over 7 years! He has a laugh that makes you turn around to look, and has a demeanor about him that is welcoming. I have not come across one person who has anything negative to say about him, and I have met several people who’s professional careers have changed because of him. He leaves impact where he goes!

He is the proud owner of Achieve Results Consulting, LLC.  

Meet Gordon J. Parkman!


Gordon has been the Owner of Results Consulting, LLC. for 8 Years, but has quite a fascinating background prior to becoming an Entrepreneur.

So let’s dig in shall we and learn all about him!

Did you choose your business or did your business choose you? What was the story behind this?

After retiring from over 40 years in the corporate world, I decided work with some select small to med-size businesses. Our efforts in partnering with our clients focus on helping them discover the way to unlock their door to success and achieve the things that are most important to them.

I unlock a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them.

When you wake up in the morning, what is your driving force to succeed?

Knowing that the day will have its challenges and opportunities and knowing I have the capability to handle both

Who would be an ideal client for you?

Business owners that are passionate and committed in growing their business. I work with businesses in many different industries.

Who would you like to meet in hopes to grow your professional network?

Any professional that deals with businesses and understands the importance and benefit in developing strong business relationships.

*Let me just say anyone from this StrategicRelations community is a great candidate to meet Gordon because you are all some of the most driven people I know!

What are your top 3 -5 business inspirational “go to’s”  and what inspires or fires you up about each one?

Gordon loves meeting new people, and will leave you feeling not only inspired but as if you have met a new friend that will assist your professional success journey! He is a family man and his practical approach and welcoming voice will make any coffee or lunch meeting well worth your time! You have my word. 

What are your social media feeds that our Members can follow you on?

Ready to connect with Gordon today?

His Website  

His LinkedIn     

*One of my top 3 people to follow on Linkedin- he posts daily quotes that force me to comment and think!

His Facebook Page 

Once you connect with Gordon, I would love you to COMMENT on the blog what was the neatest thing you gained from your time with him! I would also love to see any pictures… Tag #StrategicRelationsNetwork


Happy Networking!

-Samantha Root