How I follow my goals? It is simple #powersheets and the 2018 version is available!


Powersheets are not for the faint at heart, they are for people who are ready to step into their greatest year and potential! I have done powersheets for three years and will be going into my fourth. They have helped me blossom into the person I want to be more likened have helped me achieve more goals than I have in a long time. They teach you: progress not perfection, and the community of folks who are faith driven you meet along the way are priceless!



Finding the key to your success! Meet Gordon J. Parkman

When I look back at my biggest success in business, it has all to do not with what I am “selling” rather the strategic partnerships I am surrounded by. I make it a point to invest in my network, because then through natural gravity of life it will pay itself forward in ways that would leave your mind rattled!

My network has helped this dreamer be successful and learn nuggets that I will carry with me forever. I encourage you to begin building your table of go-to contacts to help you in your success. 

This week I am showcasing someone I have personally known for over 7 years! He has a laugh that makes you turn around to look, and has a demeanor about him that is welcoming. I have not come across one person who has anything negative to say about him, and I have met several people who’s professional careers have changed because of him. He leaves impact where he goes!

He is the proud owner of Achieve Results Consulting, LLC.  

Meet Gordon J. Parkman!


Gordon has been the Owner of Results Consulting, LLC. for 8 Years, but has quite a fascinating background prior to becoming an Entrepreneur.

So let’s dig in shall we and learn all about him!

Did you choose your business or did your business choose you? What was the story behind this?

After retiring from over 40 years in the corporate world, I decided work with some select small to med-size businesses. Our efforts in partnering with our clients focus on helping them discover the way to unlock their door to success and achieve the things that are most important to them.

I unlock a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them.

When you wake up in the morning, what is your driving force to succeed?

Knowing that the day will have its challenges and opportunities and knowing I have the capability to handle both

Who would be an ideal client for you?

Business owners that are passionate and committed in growing their business. I work with businesses in many different industries.

Who would you like to meet in hopes to grow your professional network?

Any professional that deals with businesses and understands the importance and benefit in developing strong business relationships.

*Let me just say anyone from this StrategicRelations community is a great candidate to meet Gordon because you are all some of the most driven people I know!

What are your top 3 -5 business inspirational “go to’s”  and what inspires or fires you up about each one?

Gordon loves meeting new people, and will leave you feeling not only inspired but as if you have met a new friend that will assist your professional success journey! He is a family man and his practical approach and welcoming voice will make any coffee or lunch meeting well worth your time! You have my word. 

What are your social media feeds that our Members can follow you on?

Ready to connect with Gordon today?

His Website  

His LinkedIn     

*One of my top 3 people to follow on Linkedin- he posts daily quotes that force me to comment and think!

His Facebook Page 

Once you connect with Gordon, I would love you to COMMENT on the blog what was the neatest thing you gained from your time with him! I would also love to see any pictures… Tag #StrategicRelationsNetwork


Happy Networking!

-Samantha Root

Someone you need in your network!

Your network should be diverse. Something I have learned throughout the years is that the more people you sincerely know and the more people associate you as a “golden rolodex” the more SUCCESS YOU WILL HAVE!

Why? That is simple, because you will always tend to be a first call and through this practice business for you will naturally begin to take place. The neatest thing through this process is that you also get to impact the business of others you like. It is a win-win!

TODAY is your lucky day, I am going to give you a sneak peek into a wonderful women I personally know. Her name is Dana and she sells LuLaRoe. “But I don’t need women clothing…” NOT THE CASE. Everyone knows a woman who is needing LuLaRoe. I am also here to tell you that knowing someone like Dana and her getting to know you will be extremely successful in your success.

I did an interview with her and would love you to see what she had to share. She is quite inspiring not only as a business owner but as a wife and mother that she is.

Enjoy learning all about her!

What is the name of your business? Lularoe Dana Buchanan 

How long have you been in business?  6 Months
Did your business choose you or did you choose it?
 I’d say my business chose me!  I was 7 months pregnant when I discovered Lularoe.
 I was in a slump and didn’t like my own skin… clothes were harder to find, and so uncomfortable.  
A friend introduced to me Lula way prior to this period but I like so many others… shot the idea down, and said “no thanks”.  Then one night it happened, I was added to a party, I shopped and fell in LOVE!  I signed on to be a retailer before my box of clothes even arrived lol.  
The community of women, and connection through a live party online, where no one knew each other, but yet we were so alike and friendly!  
I wanted that, I wanted to make women feel beautiful about themselves.  I wanted to make a connection with others, through the love of fashion, and friendship.
It wasn’t just the clothes… it was so much more.  The company asks your WHY multiple times while you are in the Queue to onboard.   As I thought about it more and more, I knew  mine was easy peasy. With our oldest being on the Autism Spectrum and with us being mainly at home 24/7 with ABA therapy… I really needed and wanted something that was mine again….. not that I define my self worth with a job but that need to be responsible for something that made me excited to connect with others was a burning fire.
 I too wanted to show JB, our oldest son, that not matter how hard something is, don’t give up, just keep trying and trying until it works.  
Wow has that stood true to this day!  This business is hard!  It is not all cupcakes and unicorns all day every day.  There are amazing months and there are slow months.. but I know when I look at him and remember WHY I decided to start this adventure
                                                  –giving up is not an option. 
What  drives you every day? When I wake up in the morning my driving force to succeed are first and foremost my family… but really my boys!
I want them to see that I went after my dreams, and passions.  That I worked really hard toward something and made it successful.
I now have the burning desire to see this business go to a whole new level, due to the recent change in our family dynamic.  My husband has completed his commitment to the United States Air Force and it is now time to move on and see what else is out there in the Civilian World.  Wait til’ you see what’s up our sleeves lol! More or less what’s attached to my Suburban.  
What would be an ideal client for you?  Any women that wants to look in the mirror and smile, who wants to put on a dress and feel that she can take on the world, who doesn’t want to feel alone… who wants mommy friends, who wants friends in general….. lets be friends! 

Who would you like to meet in hopes to grow your professional network?

Our ideal “MEET” would be someone connected in the world with the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce that has the” ins” to vendor events.Where we could bring the City of Phoenix our Lula on Wheels… our NEW Prints and Patterns Lula Boutique will be available end of JUNE 2017! This will be a shopping experience like non other!  


What are the resources you go to in order to find inspiration for your business ?
Honestly I follow our Lularoe Fashion Fundamentals program, we have weekly live call, and training updates.  I turn to toward social media as well, to see what’s the styles and current happenings.  We read a lot of motivations books as well… “Start with WHY” by Simon Sinek, and “The Power of TED” by David Emerald.
Where can we find you on social media?
We would love for you to follow us on Facebook @lularoe.danabuchanan and Instagram @lularoe.danab. We have a fun dynamic shopping group.  We’re different… we go LIVE a lot so there is ton of personal interaction with our shoppers that make it an experience like no other. 
How can the Strategic Relations Family help promote your business?
 Help spread the word of who we are, and allow us to make the world of fashion, and body image happy again… one dress at a time.  
As y’all can see Dana is someone to meet and greet! So please stop by her pages and encourage her. Make sure to comment below who you are and your company so she too can connect with you.
-Happy Networking!

What do you sell? Learning the gift you have.

I challenged some of my viewers this week on my Facebook page to describe what they sold in 40 letters or less.

Letters NOT words.

That isn’t an easy task unless you are confident in who you are and what you do.

Do you get so caught up in trying to “sell what you sell” that you forget who-you-are? It is crucial to become very familiar with your own skin and stripes because it really doesn’t matter what you are selling in the world. People buy sincerity and people do business with people.

So how to find the gift you have? Well it requires some paper and a writing utensil. Here are some questions to get your mind jogging and to help place your toes on the line of the new journey you are about to take:

-When you think about the last time that you smiled from ear to ear, what caused you to feel so happy?

-What was the last gift you gave to someone and how did they react? What did they say about the gift you gave them?

-What does your name mean?

-What is the meaning behind your favorite color?

-What legacy do you want to leave behind when you are no longer here?


These are all GREAT questions to help you see who you really are! This helps you see what sets your soul on fire, and that y’all is what you “sell”.

So don’t be afraid to be unique at the networking table next time people ask what you “do”. Instead fill that space of conversation with something like:

“My name is Samantha and I have a true passion to building lasting relationships everywhere I go and helping others however I can!”

Your physical business will make the numbers if you first focus on sharing your sincere self. But you must first sell your sincere self in the mirror.


So your homework today: Answer the questions above, come up with your networking table statement, and post in the comments so I can cheer you on!




Welcome To My New Website Home!

2017 is right around the corner so before 2016 escapes me I figured it was time to step on up out of my comfort zone and begin learning a thing or two about WordPress, logos, and websites!

I have had a blog called JustWalkInFaith for over five years but have not had the courage to not renew the domain. I know it is still supposed to be in the universe but the question of “TO WHAT CAPACITY” kept coming up in my heart.

The last several months I have been prayerful, alert and open to whatever the answer is supposed to be. About four months ago while trying to figure out a “brand name” that could help encompass the several hats I wear and I mean several the name popped into my mind! “Strategic Relations” and because I am trying to stay somewhat relevant in the business world I of course had no other option than to add a .CO !

So TODAY I began the journey of all things unfamiliar. I have had to youtube, google, painters and read how to buy a domain, merge a domain and customize a website!

Be patient with me while I learn, because this is going to be true proof that if you want to be successful you will find a way.

StrategicRelations.Co will be a place that you can land if you are a professional in the workplace seeking to be inspired, motivated, and from time to time get some great nuggets you can apply into your business for ultimate success.

While I cannot promise to be a GURU, I am pretty “scrappy and street smart” according to my husband Patrick. I have several upon several years of experience in sales and customer service. I have had to network my way through my professional career and while at the beginning I did not know my butt from my face I now have successfully been able to move on up in the ranks of the world! I have had the true honor of mentoring other professionals of all ages along the way and now want to share this gift with many more folks on a much bigger scale!

So make sure to follow me and if there is something you need help on work related, let me know and I will make sure to help how I can.

Our gifts were meant to be shared! It’s how we can show love on this earth in physical form.